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wisdom teeth and sriracha sauce...

I am in pain. Ouch. My wisdom teeth are bothering me, and it's giving me a vengeful headache.

I did, however, go out with my husband last night for dinner. I left here at around 6.30 and walked up to high street, caught the bus, got there at 7 something, and waited for him. He got there about 20 minutes or so after I did. We had a great time. After dinner, we walked over to Lotte, so I could buy some Sriracha sauce. It's very spicy, and it's from Vietnam. I am sooo geeked about this. All the way home I was like, "I'm so happy! I've got my sriracha sauce!" heheheh I am such a dork, aren't I? LOL

Another good surprise, when I got here, I checked my e-mail, and there was some pictures of my daughter that I'd wanted scanned. My friend that was going to scan them for me, she's not been able to find the time, because she's so busy with her family, but luckily, she was able to at least scan the ones she sent me, and now they're on my daughter's site. I am sooo excited. I sent copies to my younger brother and my mom, and hopefully she won't bitch too much. She should just be thankful I even sent her what I did. As if you couldn't tell, my mother is very pushy and controlling. I don't get along with her too well. She's like a very bitter medicine. Bad to the taste but good in small doses. I really don't like saying it like that, but that's how I feel about my (*voice dripping in sarcasm and disgust*) dear mother.

Tonight we've got a friend of ours coming over, a co-worker of mine, he's really kewl. :-)

Well, gonna go for now, gotta deal with some crap going on. More to come later.
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